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MYRA programs are made possible thanks to Volunteer Coaches. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to be more than mere spectators by contributing their time as volunteer coaches - as well as being their kid’s greatest fans. If you're interested in learning more about volunteering, please reach out by emailing


Graduating 4 year old Preschool, TK, and Kindergarten students


T-BALL PRACTICES AND GAMES WILL BE SUNDAYS ONLY. All games are played against other Moville teams.

  • 4-5 inning games, no new inning after 45 minutes

    • Coaches use discretion on when they no longer have their players' “attention”

  •  A batted ball is “fair” if hit between the lines and 5 feet in front of home plate (a chalk line may be used to put a “fair line” to make sure it goes past a certain area to be considered fair)

  • All players will bat each inning, same order is encouraged but the last batter may change so they all have a chance to be last batter

  • Players must wear helmets while batting and running the bases

  • No catchers on defensive team. A parent will be behind the plate putting the ball on tee

  • One base advancement on overthrow

  • Batters must take full swings (no bunting)

  • A player who throws bat in a manner that could hurt another player will be warned. If they continuously do it, they will lose a turn at bat

  • Runners must stay on base until ball is hit

  • Runners must slide feet first only

  • All players play infield

  • Coaches are encouraged to be infield with defensive players to help direct them and make sure they are paying attention

  • There are no “outs”, kids are to learn to run the bases so even if they get out they stay on base

  • Before last batter in lineup comes to the plate, let other team know

    • Last batter gets to run bases, fielders are encouraged to try and get ball to pitcher after it is hit and have him/her touch home plate

  • Batters get approximately 5 swings at the tee (this is to keep the game going)

    • If batter is struggling after 6 swings coach can help them swing and put it in play so they can run

T-Ball Director

Nathan Mellies


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