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5th/6th grades



  • Boys graduating 5th and 6th grades


  • Balks - Each pitcher will get 2 warnings before a balk is called. We will rely on the coaches to really help their pitchers with the balk rules. 

  • No run rule per inning

  • Can walk a runner in

  • Runners can score on a pass ball

  • Batter can run after a dropped 3rd strike

  • Bats must have USA Baseball stamp.

  • Time limit is 1 hour 45 minutes, no inning starts after that.  Time as of last out of inning, not beginning of next. Official game is 6 innings.

  • Home team responsible for emailing scores and pitch counts.

  • No on deck batter

  • Mercy rule is 10 run lead after 4 innings and 15 run lead after 3 innings

  • Must bat entire lineup.  Free or open substitution, no minimum play requirement.  Please get players in the field as much as you can.

  • Any rule not on here please refer to high school rules

For ages 10-under, 11-under, 12-under there is an opportunity to play on our league All-Stars team.  Players from all the communities will be selected to play districts against other area Little League All-Star teams from Sioux City, LeMars and Sergeant Bluff.  They then could have the opportunity to go to state if they win districts.  There is also an additional All-Star team with players that did not make the Little League All-Star team to play a tournament in Sioux Falls area.

Click here to view rules on official Tri-County site. 

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