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4th/5th grades



• Except for the following, all other rules will follow the IGHSAU Rules.



• Girls graduating from the 4th and 5th grades. Girls may play up on the next division but may only pitch for one or the other the entire season and tournament. 


• Pitching distance 36 feet. Bases 60 feet. Ball: 

• 11 inch ball with raised seams-team may provide their own ball to the umpire 


• No infield will be taken on the field. Infield can only be taken in foul territory or in the outfield. 

• Games will be 6 innings - no new inning starts after 75 minutes. 

• If the score is tied and still time is left the game may continue using the tie breaker rule (last batter goes to 2nd base and start inning with 0 out). 

• A team line-up and batting order will be exchanged between teams before the game starts. Have line up card ready to exchange. 

• Dropped third strike IS an out. Batter will not be permitted to run. 

• An inning will end after 3 outs or 5 runs, which ever comes first. 

• The game is concluded if one team is ahead by 12 or more runs at the end of 3 or 4 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings. If both teams agree, they may continue to play for fun. 

• The umpire is empowered to suspend a game at any time because of weather or other causes. The umpires will wait a minimum of 20 minutes to see if conditions improve enough to play. A suspended game resumes at the exact point where it was suspended. 

• The umpire is empowered to call a game at any time because of darkness, weather, or other causes which put the players or fans in peril. A game called by an umpire shall be regulation if 4 innings or more have been completed or if the team second at bat has scored more runs in 3 innings than the first team at bat has scored in 4 innings. 


• Bunting is allowed. 

• A coach has the option to have a batting lineup of 9 players up to the entire team roster. 

• If a batter throws a bat, the umpire will warn the batters. Throwing the bat a second time will result in the batter being called out and the ball declared dead. 

• Batter can NOT run on a dropped third strike. 

Base Running: base

• Stealing is allowed. 

• The base runner may leave the base after the ball has reached home plate. 

• The base runner must avoid contact if played on at a base. Sliding is the preferred method to avoid contact, if there is no play, no need to slide. 

• A fielder may only block the base if they have possession of the ball. 

• In field fly rule DOES apply. 

• COURTESY Runner may used for Pitcher/Catcher (must use the last out in the order (who is not Pitcher or Catcher) 

Obstruction by the Defense: Watch for fielders standing on the base or in the way of a base runner. At the end of the play you will award bases. The runner will get the base or bases they were going to get to if they had not been obstructed. Fielders can only be in the way of a base runner if they have the ball. 

• All players must remain in the dugout except the on deck batter. 

• A runner starting on third base cannot: 

• A runner starting on third base cannot steal home on a passed ball. 

• No extra bases on steal attempts (2nd or 3rd) 

• Home Plate is CLOSED! Only way to score is on a batted ball in play or walk that forces the baserunner home! 

• Have slides available in each town for umps.

• The umpire may call an illegal pitch in extreme rule infractions. In most cases, the coach will first be asked to help the pitcher correct the infraction. 

• Warm up pitches: 7 warm up pitches are allowed when a pitcher enters the game for the first time. 5 warm up pitches between innings. 

• There is no limit on the innings pitched. 

Protective Gear: 

• All batters, base runners, and players in the on deck circle MUST wear a helmet with faceguard and chin straps. 

• All catchers must wear complete protective gear. 

• Players warming up pitchers must wear a face mask. 

• No metal cleats are allowed. 

Players and Substitutions: 

• A team shall consist of 9 players.

• A game may be played with 7 players and will be forfeited with less than seven.  If a team plays with less than 9 players, an automatic out will be recorded at the time of the batting rotation where the missing player(s) would bat.

• During the regular season and tournament a team may borrow players from the younger age group. Coaches must play the players on the roster before playing borrowed players. You may only pull up girls from the team below you i.e. minor 1 up to major 1. No cross over of players i.e. 1 mini, 2 minor, 3 major. In the event you do not have equal numbers of teams at each level, the girls from the lower levels shall be split equally between the older teams. These girls should be on the roster for that team. Once a girl is on the roster for a team, she must play only for that team. A minor cannot play for 2 different major teams. 

• Pitchers can only pitch for one team-minis, minors, or majors-throughout the season and tournament. 

• Roster on rain out-if your team has more than one team, the team may pull up from respective team number (example: Minor 1 team may pull up from Mini 1 team). 

• Each player will play at least one inning per game. Must play in the field and at bat in order to call it an inning 

*When a ball is pitched and rolls or bounces and then hits the batter the batter does not take their base. 

• If a player gets injured, it will not result in an automatic out in their batting position. If the injury occurs on the bases, the runner shall be replaced by the player making the last out before the injury if a sub is not available. If injured player misses her next turn at bat, she may not reenter the game. 


• Umpire will have official time. 

• All players must be in an established position-umpires discretion. 

• Umpire must meet with both coaches prior to the start of the game. 

• One certified umpire will be provided. The host team shall notify the visiting team if no certified umpire is available. Both teams have the option of playing the game with a non-certified umpire. If accepted, the game can not be protested due to the umpire. If non-certified is not accepted, coaches must reschedule. If not rescheduled, BOTH teams will record a loss. 

• If a fair ball hits an umpire on the field the ball is live and players need to keep playing. 

• Complaints pertaining to umpires shall be forwarded in writing to the league president and post marked within 24 hours of the game. 

Tournaments should be two days. I have had a lot of complaints about hot weather and playing it all in one day. This is dangerous for the kids to be playing in the heat. Pool play the first day tournament the second day. Minis you will need to get a hold of the teams that are in the tournament to figure out their records to seed accordingly. 


The League is encouraging the batters to attempt to hit the ball thus we are in favor of a liberal strike zone. This includes the edges of the plate.

Softball Director

Jenny Peters


Click here for NWIA Softball league site.

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