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1st grade



  • If communities have more than one team in a division, the teams shall be divided up as equally as possible providing pitchers, catchers, and mixing the grades for each team. If this rule is not followed, a team will not be eligible to participate in the League Tournament.



  • Girls graduating from the 1st grade.


  • Games will be 1 hour long, may play longer if no Mini game after.

  • 11” safety ball will be used.

  • Field will have a pitching circle and a 10’ arc around home plate.

  • If tee is used batter gets two swings to hit a fair ball or will be called out, ball must travel beyond the arc and stay in fair territory to count as a batted ball.

  • When ball is batted off the tee batter allowed no more than two bases (runner on first can only go to third).

  • Base runners only allowed one base on an overthrow and one overthrow per batter (no home run because of 3 over throws).

  • Base running will stop when the pitcher has the ball in the circle.

  • Everyone bats each inning.

  • No score will be kept due to the different number of batters each team has each inning.

  • Batting helmets and catchers gear required.

  • Last batter in each inning must be put out by force at 1st or throwing the ball to home and the catcher touching home plate.

  • No umpires needed; coaches can call safe and out.

  • Coach must pitch with 1 foot inside pitching circle.

Softball Director

Jenny Peters


Click here for NWIA Softball league site

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