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Coach Pitch

1st/2nd grades



  • Boys graduating from 1st and 2nd grades.


  • 4 inning games, no new inning after 1 hour

    • All players bat for the first two innings with a maximum of 11 batters in any inning.

  • Teams with more than 11 players will start the next inning with batters after 11 and then go back to top of order and again only going a maximum of 11 batters.

  • Next two innings is based on 3 outs like normal baseball, maximum of 11 batters or through the order.

  • Teams can choose to play an extra inning (both coaches must agree) if the first innings are quick and you have players' attention still.

  •  A batted ball is “fair” if hit between the lines and 5 feet in front of home plate (a chalk line may be used to put a “fair line” to make sure it goes past a certain area to be considered fair)

  •  Regular baseballs are to be used.

  •  Maximum of 10 players in the field

  •  Players must wear helmets while batting, running the bases, and catching.

    • Recommended that catchers only wear catcher masks to speed up the game, they do not need full catcher gear, but they can choose to if they want.

  • If catcher plans on wearing full gear, they must hit first in the inning (also have courtesy runner if in 3rd inning or later in the game)

  • One base advancement on overthrow

  • Batters must take full swings (no bunting)

  • A player who throws a bat in a manner that could hurt another player will be warned. If they continuously do it, they will lose a turn at bat.

  • Runners must stay on base until the ball is hit.

  • Runners must slide feet first only.  

  • 9 players play infield in normal baseball positions, there must only be catcher/pitcher/four infielders in the infield, games can be played with less than 3 outfielders.

  • Pitcher must keep one foot on pitching rubber until ball is hit.

  • The coach who is pitching makes sure pitcher has line of sight for ball.

  • An adult must always be back by the catcher and batter.

  • Coaches are the umpires for these games.

  • Coaches are encouraged to be infield with defensive players to help direct them and make sure they are paying attention.

  • If a defensive out is made on a runner or batter, the player who is called out must leave field; no “practice running”, coach pitch is transitioning into learning how to play the game with outs.

  • Before last batter in lineup comes to the plate, let the other team know

  • The last batter is treated as if there are two outs, play stops when out is made.

  • Batters get approximately 5 good pitches to hit (taking a strike counts as a good pitch), tee is brought out after that, and they get two swings (this is to keep the game going)

  • If the batter fouls off and makes 5 good swings, use discretion to give him one or two more. The other kids are waiting to hit but we do want the kids to hit the live pitch.

  • If tee is brought out and ball is not hit into fair territory after two swings, then batter is out.

  • If the coach is having hard time throwing strikes, please ask for help from opposing coach.

Click here to view rules on official Tri-County site. 

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